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Dr. Pataky Csaba

Attorneys at Law

Curriculum Vitae - Dr. Csaba Pataky LL.M. - Attorney at Law, Lawyer specialized in traffic law and insurance law

I was born in 1939 in Kenderes where my father practised as an attorney at law. I finished my elementary school study in Kenderes in 1953 then I sat for the final examination in Kisújszállás in 1957. In 1962 I graduated from Faculty of Law of Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest.

From 1962 to 1965 I was a trainee attorney in the Attorneys' Cooperative of Szolnok, after that I have been practising as an attorney at law in Törökszentmiklós from 1965. From 1974 until the winding-up of the attorneys' cooperatives I was the head of the Attorneys' Cooperative of Törökszentmiklós.

My public activity has been attached to traffic and traffic safety since my youth. I was one of the leaders of Szolnok Branch of Magyar Autóklub (Hungarian Automobile Club) up to 1994, from 1974 I was the member of the Presidium and the Managing Presidium of Magyar Autóklub (Hungarian Automobile Club) up to 1990, and then up to 1994 I was the head of the Law Commission of Magyar Autóklub (Hungarian Automobile Club), currently I am one of the members of this Law Commission.

From 1973 to 1985 I was a member of the Presidium of Traffic Safety Council of County Szolnok, I was also the member of the Law Commission of National Traffic Safety Council from 1985 to its termination.

During my practice I became a member of the Institute for European Traffic Law (Institut für Europäisches Verkehrsrecht) whose headquarters is in Luxembourg as well as the Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers (PEOIPIL) whose headquarters is in England.

I regularly participate in conferences both in Hungary and abroad and I also deliver lectures in these conferences.

I am a Hungarian attorney at law of several European Automobile Clubs.

I have been a member of the Hungarian Scientific Association for Transport since 1968. I am a founding member of the Association of Traffic Judges (its new name: Association of Traffic Law). Furthermore I am also a member of the Insurance Law Section of the Hungarian Lawyer's Association, the Hungarian Association of Penal Law and the Insurance Law Section of the Hungarian Lawyer's Association.

From 1990 to 2002 through three election periods I was a member of the Body of Representatives of Local Government of Törökszentmiklós Town and during this period I was the head of the Steering and Law Commission.

In January 2012 I was elected to the president of the Municipal Fire Brigade of Törökszentmiklós.

In 1995 I took a post-graduate degree in traffic law within the scope of the Institute of Post-graduate Legal Studies of Eötvös Loránd University, after that I have participated in a post-graduate training related to insurance law.

My special fields of activity are traffic (criminal) law, insurance law and tort law.

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