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Activity fields

Activity fields

  • Drafting legal documents in Hungarian, English and German languages.

  • Legal transactions connected with real estate (making contracts of sale, donation contracts, tenancy contacts, leasehold contracts, maintenance contracts, contracts of inheritance, marriage settlements, wills etc.), including legal transactions relating to agricultural land. Dr. Csaba Pataky and Dr. Tibor Pataky have access to TAKARNET database which means that they are entitled to download an extract from the land register and a map section of real estate from the Internet.

  • Arranging company law matters, with special regard to the permanent legal representation of companies and other business organisations as well as the formation of partnerships, companies (limited partnership, unlimited partnership, limited liability company, company limited by shares) and other business organisations as well as the amendment of the articles of incorporation and the instrument of constitution.

  • Defense in criminal cases, particularly in traffic criminal cases, both in the investigatory stage and in the court stage.

  • Representation of the injured party in criminal cases.

  • Enforcing the clients' interests in misdemeanor, minor offence and administrative offence cases.

  • Arranging accident and other tort cases, representing the claimants in out-of-court and in legal proceedings in order to get compensation, representation before foreign insurance companies in connection with traffic accident cases.

  • Arranging international cases in English or German as well.

  • Debt collection. Representation in order for payment procedures and European order for payment procedures.

  • Arranging cases relating to insurance contracts.

  • Arranging family law cases, representation in divorce actions and community property actions.

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